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You’ll find the list of our services below:

Perio Protect

Non surgical alternative to periodontal surgery. Excellent and extremely effective. Visit for information.


Clear braces great for teens and adults. Because aligners are removable, you have full access for oral hygiene and eating without catching food in wires. Look great while straightening your teeth with little discomfort.


New CAD/CAM technology allows for crowns, bridges, veneers and even implant crowns to be done in one appointment!!! No need for extra shots, temporaries and a second appointment two weeks later. These crowns are exceptional in their esthetics and are very strong.


Dental jewelry gold and silver. Many designs. Very popular in Europe. Bond to your teeth for short or long term with no permanent effects.

Soft Tissue Laser

Can treat many conditions without surgery including periodontal disease. Can fix a “gummy” smile and change the gum contour to make your smile amazing in one quick, painless visit. Also can lessen the duration and pain of many ulcers and cold sores.


Handled gently, efficiently and on the same day.

Insurance forms filled out for you and submitted to insurance companies. We will do our best to research your particular insurance and get the most out of your benefits.

Teeth Bleaching

In office and customized trays for home bleaching.

Snoring Appliances

Night Guards to protect against grinding/clenching


Valplast (flexible dentures for comfort and esthetics), Acrylic and Metal based. Repairs, often able to do same day.

Saturday appointments.

Oral Surgery – Many procedures are able to be done in-office. When more complicated Oral Surgery is required we will arrange the appointments for you at our trusted Oral Surgeons across the street.

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